Mentoring is a collaborative, developmental learning relationship. The primary goal of mentoring is to help a mentee to acquire the essential competencies needed for successful advancement in research or a career. The core domains of mentorship are interpersonal, psychosocial, cultural responsiveness, and sponsorship. Mentorship is critical for increasing student retention, research self-efficacy and diversity. It also helps to strengthen scientific identity as well as research skills among students and diversity in the field of marine science.

Mentor Development Workshops

The MarSci-LACE developed Mentor Development Workshop (MDW) is a five-hour workshop that interactively engages potential Undergraduate Research Experience mentors through the following five training modules: Introduction to Mentoring, Psychosocial Factors of Internships, Ally Skills, Culturally Responsive Mentoring and Mentor Plan Development. These MDW training modules provide an overview of mentorship, emphasizing its mutual benefits for both the mentor and the mentee. Workshop participants will receive tools and resources for use in their own mentorship. Mentors of every level will find value in participating.

  • Host a Workshop:¬†Workshops are led by trained facilitators and are offered to organizations, institutions and individuals engaged in or preparing to be undergraduate research mentors. Facilitators are available to host in-person workshops at your institution for up to 30 faculty and staff.
  • Become a Facilitator: Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida will be hosting a Train-the-Trainer workshop for professionals interested in becoming MDW facilitators. Participants will learn how to facilitate an MDW for their own institution. This will be a two-day, all-expenses-covered workshop.
  • Should you have any questions, please get in touch via [email protected].